Information about mIRC v7.xx

On July 30rd 2010 mIRC 7.1 was released. Unfortunately there are some problems with this version.

Update: On 13 October 2010 mIRC v7.14 was released. The new version offers UTF8 enabling/disabling, fixing the problem described below. Download at the official mIRC page.

Many channels whose names contain german umlaute ( ) or special characters were created in the days of the ISO Charset. However, mIRC 7.1 converts all sended and received text to UTF-8. Both Charsets represent german umlaute and special characters in a different way so that a channel named # exists twice - as UTF-8 and as ISO. Thus since the release of mIRC 7.1 all users using it and trying to join such a channel found themselves in an empty not registered channel with apparently the same name. Unfortunately this channelname is UTF-8 encoded and therefore not the same channel.

Because euIRC is not the developer of mIRC, we can only support our user and help them to be able to chat with each other. Khaled Mardam-Bey, mIRCs exclusive developer said: As some of you may have noticed, the new version of mIRC no longer supports codepages. This is because mIRC is now a Unicode application and will only send and receive UTF-8 encoded text. Read full statement or technical explanation.

Please assure that before upgrading to mIRC 7.x that all channels containing such characters are converted to others without any special character, e.g. instead of use ae. We recommend to redirect the old channel with /mode #Channel1 +b *!*@* and then /mode #Channel1 +B #Channel2 to the new one. #Channel1 the old channel name, #Channel2 the new one.

If you are using mIRC 7.xx already you may send ISO encoded commands by using /raw -n. Example: /raw -n identify password, this will identify you to Nickserv.

We apologize for the trouble, even if the euIRC is not responsible for the development of mIRC and the therefore caused trouble. For any questions feel free to ask in #hilfe or #help.

The euIRC Team

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