euircd upgrade to 1.3.4

Some keystones about the 1.3.2->1.3.4 euircd upgrade that will take place during the next week (night between wednesday and thursday)
( is running the intermediate version for some weeks now)

- native 64bit, kevent/epoll socket engine, new async DNS resolver, new async iAuth, which leads to a much shorter connect process, lesser latency and higher overall performance of the euircd

- added DNSBL (RBL) support, during connect, which will lock out any listed IPs in efnet, dronebl, sectoor, ahbl for now

- fixed line-endings (there was the <CR> missing, reported by some users)

- added CAP support (client capability negotiation)
- fixed ISUPPORT (005 numeric) to full "RFC" compliance
- added CAP mutli-prefix (NAMESX) - send all prefix on join
- added CAP tls (STARTTLS) - used by kvirc for example
- added CAP user-color - each user can choose an individual chat-color
* was/is used by the euIRC java applet (/setcolor command)
* we will add this to our new webchat client soon(tm)

- implemented an "maintenance" mode to redirect users to other servers
* redirect will choose an appropriate std. port

- implemented websocket support and made qwebirc to use it. this increases the performance of this webchat clients and allows us to get rid of the resource hungry python backend.

- here a short list of ports:
* 6660 - compatibility mode
* 6663 - no ident request
* 6666~6669 - std. ports
* 6697, 6999 - ssl

2013-05-04 | Author: Vampirin

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