JavaApplet for your homepage

euIRC provides you the opportunity to include a JavaApplet on your website - at no charge.


This feature is meant to be an additional service for already existing channels on euirc.

Please fill in the following form completely, otherwise we have to reject your request.

It is important,
- the channel and the responsible's nickname are registered (help on nickname registration and channel registration),
- the e-mail address is correct,
- the website is already finished and not still under construction.
- must not be of commercial use,
- each request is dealed with manually so there is no real-time answer to expect.

Responsable's nickname
E-mail address
Website's URL
Sort of website
(Homepage, Community etc.)
Wished password
(min. 6 chars)


If you are already registered, you can configure your JavaApplet via http://config.webchat.euirc.net/.


For any further questions please contact the Java-Chat Team: webchat@euirc.net


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